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2018, forty-five years after the death of Augustín and remembering the 80 years of the Ebre's Ballte, I have felt the need to make my maternal grandfather's dream come true, a humble Andalusian young man who in 1927, emigrated to Barcelona fleeing from the hunger and misery of his life as a miner in Almería, and a few years later, he found himself immersed in a war that would mark him forever.

His main wish was to be taught by his first and only grandchild, how to read and write. In this way, reflecting the reminding of his tragic chapter, he would allow to maintain alive the memory through the years and help on not reproducing the facts, never again.  

Agustín was called to the front on 1938, allotted to the Segre and later on, to the Battle of the Ebre, where he personally experienced the most dramatic facts that a person can live, which decades and decades later, still made him drop tears when remembering.


Today, in his memory, Vins de la Memòria are born, a tribute to Agustín and to every man and woman that endured the harms of the war, to my family and to all the families that suffered and still do.

It begins a tour through vineyards full of history, feelings and loneliness. Landscapes which, after several months of documentary work, we end up knowing are the same than accompanied him.
Lands and vineyards personally trampled by Agustín.

My name is Xavi Nolla (*who am I), Agustín's grandson, and my desire is to keep the memory of the people and historic age, the sadness and the ache. Only through the remembering, we will be able to avoid repeating the history. 


I hope you enjoy Vins de la Memòria, wines with soul and spirit, liquid words created through being involved on each part of the elaboration process, from the harvest to the bottled and the image.

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