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The Côte-Vermeille is the tourist denomination of the coastal area of the Roussillonian sub-region of the Marenda, the rocky coast of the Albera mountain range to the south of the Roussillon. It starts in the south of Argelès and continues to the Alt Empordà (Portbou).

The "Withdrawal" was the exile which is mostly made on foot, following the main routes leading to France, known under the name "paths of withdrawal". Formed by military and civilians (often entire families), the wave of refugees is moving to the other side of the Pyrenees with a very painful walking march, marked by the bombings of Franco's aviation.

Argelers Camp was one of the French concentration camps located on the beach of the North Catalan commune called La Marenda (Roussillon), between 1939 and 1941. In a hurry organized to host and keep under control, thousands of refugees. Spanish Republicans, many of them Catalans, who fled Spain predicting the imminent victory of the national side.

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